Indonesia Ranks 2nd in The List Of The Best Potential Countries To Invest

Category : Adventure | Posted On Mar 08, 2018

Indonesia has recently been gaining a lot of reputation around the world and the good thing is it is a positive one. Having Bali as the top destination of 2016 was not the last milestone it achieved. World Bank recently issued a report about the countries with great potential to invest. The report based on the major factors which include the nation, environment, international relations and frame work which helps in propelling both individuals and coporations to invest in any country's markets, natural resources, technological advancements and brands.

Taking guidance from the report of World Banks Group U.S news identified and highlighted the best countries ideal for investment right now. The rankings were released after surveying over 21000 people internationally from 80 different countries. The surveyors were measured on 65 different attributes which focused on their cultural influence, quality of life and entrepreneurship abilities.

To determine the best countries ranking U.S News focused on the main 8 contributing factors of the 65 attributes, entrepreneurship, economic stability, favorable tax environment, innovation, skilled labor, technological expertise, dynamism, and corruption. The rankings were then finalized on over 6000 survey participants who are basically the main influential individuals in the business world around the globe and mainly act as the decision makers of grooming the businesses.

1. Philippines

Manila, Philippines ARTYOORAN/Shutterstock

Population: 103.3 million

Total GDP: $304.9 billion

GDP growth: 6.9%

2. Indonesia


Population: 261.1 million

Total GDP: $932.3 billion

GDP growth: 5%

3. Poland


Population: 37.9 million

Total GDP: $469.5 billion

GDP growth: 2.9%

4. Malaysia


Population: 31.2 million

Total GDP: $296.4 billion

GDP growth: 4.2%

5. Singapore

Singapore came in at number 5.


Population: 5.6 million

Total GDP: $297.0 billion

GDP growth: 2%

6. Australia


Population: 24.1 million

Total GDP: $1.2 trillion

GDP growth: 2.8%

7. Spain


Population: 46.4 million

Total GDP: $1.2 trillion

GDP growth: 3.3%

8. Thailand


Population: 68.9 million

Total GDP: $406.8 billion

GDP growth: 3.2%

9. India

Getty Images/Daniel Berehulak

Population: 1.3 billion

Total GDP: $2.3 trillion

GDP growth: 7.1%

10. Oman

David JALLAUD/Shutterstock

Population: 4.4 million

Total GDP: $66.3 billion

GDP growth: –%

11. Czech Republic


Population: 10.6 million

Total GDP: $192.9 billion

GDP growth: 2.6%

12. Finland


Population: 5.5 million

Total GDP: $236.8 billion

GDP growth: 1.9%

13. Uruguay


Population: 3.4 million

Total GDP: $52.4 billion

GDP growth: 1.5%

14. Turkey

Murad Sezer/Reuters

Population: 79.5 million

Total GDP: $857.7 billion

GDP growth: 3.2%

15. Ireland


Population: 4.8 million

Total GDP: $294.1 billion

GDP growth: 5.1%

16. Netherlands

Population: 17.0 million

Total GDP: $770.8 billion

GDP growth: 2.2%

17. United Kingdom


Population: 65.6 million

Total GDP: $2.6 trillion

GDP growth: 1.8%

18. Brazil

Nacho Doce/Reuters

Population: 207.7 million

Total GDP: $1.8 trillion

GDP growth: –3.6%

19. France

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Population: 66.9 million

Total GDP: $2.5 trillion

GDP growth: 1.2%

20. Chile


Population: 17.9 million

Total GDP: $247 billion

GDP growth: 1.6%

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