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Category : Adventure | Posted On Oct 10, 2018

The Ocean. Even though many great attempts have been made by explorers and scientists to reveal the mysteries of the deep, there are still many things to be discovered. While 70% of our earth is covered by water, how deep is our knowledge about this liquid body of earth. Being one of the sources of life, the sustainability of the ocean ecosystem is important. S.O.S From The Deep convey the challenges that the ocean and the life beneath are facing as well as providing a fun learning experience about the marine life in the most experimental way.

S.O.S From the Deep is the first escape room on the island with an ocean theme and designed not only for pleasure, but for interactive learning. The escape room is hosted by Coral Triangle Center (CTC) a non-profit organisation working on the conservation of the marine ecosystem. Their good will projects spread from Bali to Banda. Facing various factors that threaten the existence of the life beneath the sea, the scientist and conservationist of CTC are hand in hand in creating puzzles and a series of challenges infused with a great portion of knowledge about the sea and marine life.

The escape room, teeming with all things ocean, consists of four rooms. Not only displaying the beauty of the life beneath the water, but also the challenges faced by the ocean, such as over fishing, plastic waste and so on.

The first room takes the players beneath the sea. Kids get really excited in this room because there are various colourful coral reefs on the wall. Look up! A Manta Ray is swimming above. The admirable colourful marine life holds the clue to unlocking the passage to the next room. The second room is the hardest of all, this room is probably the reason why kids must be accompanied by at least one adult.

Designed to mimic a marine scientist laboratory, the second room is where all the knowledge about marine life and th coral triangle are available. This room is a chest full of puzzles. Great team work is necessary. All players should pay attention to every single thing in the room. The answer might be on the wall, on the floor, in a cupboard, or somewhere less obvious. Ronny, the Manager of the facility said,”most of the groups call up for clues in this room. Usually kids will call for help from the adults.” In this scientists laboratory themed room we can read a lot of information about fish and programs ran by Coral Triangle Centre in conserving the marine ecosystem in several areas in Indonesia.

Learning is no longer boring. Spending one and half hours inside the escape room, kids and grown ups come out better informed about fish and other marine life. With the help of adults, kids can learn to pay attention to details and use logic in problem solving. By the time the family reaches the last room, each one of the member has learnt to be part of a team, to think out of the box, to be patient and to communicate.

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