Is Food Just a Fuel - Food For Thought?

Category : Adventure | Posted On Mar 16, 2020

Every living being needs a certain amount of proteins, carbs, nutrients, fats, roughage and vitamins to function as they keep they blood flowing. Same goes for ingestion as we need these things to be taken at a certain time and quantity for best results. In short without food we won't be well and alive but at the same time eating too much can also result in our death slowly and painfully.

So maintaining a balance by eating at the right time, right proportions will certainly keep us more healthy and active. It will also translate into good mental health and energy.

It sounds so easy yet only few of us are able to maintain this perfect balance while most of us don't. Isn't it amazing that if we know what exactly we need to peak as Individuals in top conditions and surprisingly we do and yet we choose not to? 

So here are some facts which we are pretty that you have heard a lot of times before as well. Allowing yourself to become overweight also results in higher chances of dying early? You are more vulnerable to heart diseases, strokes or diabetes. While it sounds a convincing argument still most of us just don't take care of ourselves. Lets dig further, being obese also results in constant discomfort of joint pains, the knees, the back, the laziness and mostly the inability to exercise or pursue sports due to lack of stamina and strength.

Do you remember that horror film ‘Supersize Me’ in which the filmmaker goes on a deliberate up-sizing program on fast food and within one month has brought himself to the point of serious and permanent health injury unless he stops? But he did, and recovered, and wonderfully McDonald’s then introduced a whole range of healthy foods as a result which may have saved a whole load of lives. A good save by the fast-food chain.

However lets go back into understanding why people are unable to control their eating habits. Is it the awareness or the lack of it? It can also be related to FMCG marketing who influence the consumers to buy their products healthy or not.

To be honest its a combination of everything, parents, schools are as guilty as the unhealthy food product companies. Unhealthy or obese parents often end up raising their children in a similar fashion facing the same problems because they refused to change their own lifestyle and passed it on the next generation. However a hope is seen among the millenials as they are more aware and have great access to internet with great health blogs and vlogs. 

But schools? It is amazing to me that schools spend so much time and effort getting their students to do advanced maths, physics, and chemistry which they may never use again in life, and so a little time in educating every student in nutrition & health, which they need to apply every day for the rest of their lives. Let’s hope that is now changing

Now let's go back to Bali and the amazing local food industry that you love enjoying. Bali being home to some of the best restaurants in Asia is not a news to any one specially the quality and the price that is hard to match. 

This also comes after the fact that the top restaurants in Bali are very cautious and responsible to provide healthy balance meals while managing the proper rules to reduce food wastage and single plastic use. So your chances of having tasty and healthy meals are pretty high. Just read on, look at our Best Restaurant Bar & Café Award Winners from last year ( and just have a brilliant time enjoying every mouthful. But be good – stick to your optimal input and then you can do it again tomorrow – guilt-free! Selamat Makan

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