relying on the seas - mapping bali

Category : Adventure | Posted On Oct 17, 2020

You will be surprised to know that Balinese in general are not much fan of the ocean but they do know when to utilize it. Just like when the heavy rains falls in the region, people turn to their lands to grow crops like peanuts, vegetables and fruits but when they dry up they return to the sea. Its like the main strategy to survive in this environment to turn away from the hills and look to the sea.

Balinese have a natural reaction of fear to the ocean because of that they might never be able to see the mysterious beauty deep water holds. Their relation with sea is something they can't deny and that depicts in their boats as well which look like half fish and half boat.  The bow is in the shape of a fish with open mouth and bulging eyes. When the fishermen go out at night their lamps are seen as dots of light in the darkness, floating resolutely on the surface of the black ocean.

The life on the beach is a view of its own, tin roof houses spread around with grape vines hung over offering the shade from the sun and a huge tree marks the center of the village. A darkened, warung room filled with men drinking and listening to the heroic stories being sung by someone in archaic language. The moist nets on the beach hung to dry, a swept clean arena of cock fight with rows of fishing boats in the various conditions of disrepair.

As the mid day approach, the beach is crowded by the noisy boys and salt makers tending their vats of sea water. The water quickly evaporates leaving the salt crystals behind under the blazing sun. You see a local climbing the coconut tree for harvest, he chops them with a machete while proudly showing the scar on his hand that his machete gave him. He is built like a boxer with a short height while his wife is robust and stout.  She gets some cucumbers from the garden and 4 smoked flying fish from the neighbour. It all adds up to a fine meal to watch the colors of the ocean, metallic shades of blue, green, and silver, the setting sun adds unlikely tones of yellow and orange.

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