The Real Bucket List Of Bali After Covid-19

Category : Adventure | Posted On May 18, 2020

There is no disagreement among the experts that once the world reopens traveling is going to be one of the top agenda on everyone's list. After being locked down for months will have everyone's wanderlust kindled and a great itch of just getting on a bus, car or a plane to some exotic destination.

When this happens, Bali is definitely going to be on the top list of many. Specially for those who have lived through the magic of Island of Gods before. Now we have a suggestion that this time you visit Bali, visit these places of Bali that offer the real culture and nature. This should be your ideal bucket list of Bali on your next trip.

Trunyan Village

Famous for its burial grounds, where the deceased bodies of the recent departures are placed in bamboo cages above the ground, Tryunyan village is located On an isolated shore of Lake Batur, Kintamani just right on the opposite side of Mount Batur.

These villagers do not practice cremations like those Balinese Hindus in Bali. With bodies placed above the ground, surprisingly there is no smell as a grand Taru Menyan tree (some frankincense or olibanum type), locally nicknamed ‘fragrant tree’, bears the power to absorb the stench of decomposition.

Its a great place to visit for a day trip which will make you experience a unique side of Bali and a peek into the cultural past of the Island.


Home to the famous lake Lake Beratan and famous floating temple of Pura Ulun Danau Beratan Bedugul is found in Central Bali. While it is known to some and are on their list it still remains unknown to most travelers.

It is considered as Bali's most fertile area. Majority of the restaurants on the Island get their fresh supplies and vegetables from here. Major highlights of Bedugul are Pancasari where you can wander around through the beautiful strawberry fields and the  Bali Botanical Gardens where the beautiful grass and bamboo forest alongside flower garden gets you the fix of nature you crave for.

Klungkung Regency

The beautiful Klungklung regency is ideally situated between the popular areas of Gianyar and Karagasem Regencies. While majority of the travelers know of this area at the same time they are unaware of the treasure it holds.

If you go through the history you'll find that in the 1300's  Klungkung royal family were in fact the ruler of the island, leaving behind a heritage of art, music and craft in its wake. You can see the best example of this of the remains found at Klungkung Palace, the Kerta Gosa Pavillion, once the court of justice for the kingdom.

The famous Pura Goa Lawah aka Bat cave temple is also located in this beautiful regency. While you may not find Batman here you'll find a beautiful temple built around a cave that is home to bats. The main prayer area is basically the cave entrance where the bats do what they do best i.e. hang from the ceiling. Sometimes pythons can be seen wandering around here ready to take their food share by striking a sleepy bat for dinner. Locals do not kill or attack these pythons. 

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