These Food Donations Need Your Help in Bali

Category : Adventure | Posted On Apr 20, 2020

Amid the world wide crisis of Covid-19, the businesses are struggling, people are being laid off, charity organizations have lost their funding. We hereby call on the communities in Bali and around the world to step up and help the following worthy causes. These are centred on movements and organisations that are currently helping with food, as this is a very basic and necessary human need.

Scholars of Sustenance

SOS Indonesia have been around in Bali for a long time with helping in the food waste issue by collecting the surplus food from various hotels, restaurants and resorts. They distribute the food after checking each batch of collected food – donating meals to organisations in need on the island. 

At the moment they are providing food to 13 orphanages and 4 different charitable organizations in Bali. Overall they provide food to roughly 1500 people. After the COVID-19 the supplies have obviously become low due to the closure of resorts and hotels, They are now looking up to the community in providing the basic food supplies. 

Their campaign Bali Strong calls for help from individuals, businesses and more. They accept food donations directly (drop off and pick up). Find out other ways to support Scholars of Sustenance here

Drop Off Details: +6282145611119 || +62812392365664 || 

Dinners on Me

Dinners on Me is relentlessly providing food to the medical centers and various other communities in need in the current tough time. At the same time they are putting an effort on keeping sectors of ood and beverage industry active. Below you can see the kitchen at "Hatch" which is a restaurant in Uluwatu playing their role. So its the best time to step up and support by buying someone a dinner. 

Donation details:

Solemen Indonesia Food Drive

Before the nightmare of Covid-19 Solemen Indonesia’s Outreach Programmes were supported and backed by the donations received from private corporate donations as well as by partnering with small businesses and social organisations in Bali and Australia. However after the pandemic their funding has been reduced by 75%.

Just like most organizations, many have lost the jobs, livelihoods have been badly affected and support systems are now almost unavailable. They are now asking to buy "Buy a food parcel" 

AUD$20/ IDR 200.000); a food parcel to sustain a family for 2 weeks (AUD$40/ IDR 400.000); or buy nutritional milk for a malnourished child (AUD$60/ IDR 600.000).

More details on their donation page:

Kita Peduli Indonesia

Kita Peduli Indonesia has been helping people since 2002 in dealing with the aftermath of disaster, natural or man-made. It was initially a group of friends who created a formal foundation in 2019 by the name Yayasan Kita Peduli Indonesia (We Care Indonesia). They have a whole network of transport, Bali based doctors associations, Red Cross Indonesia (PMI) and more.

In the current pandemic situation  Kita Peduli Indonesia have focused on distributing basic food packages around Bali. They are delivering food to different group of people, Package 1 is focusing on students/lower income employees struggling at the moment. Package 2 is focusing low-income families and package 3 is providing food to the head of the family with toddlers.

They accept any types of donation and will be distributed as a first-hand distribution to the hospital in needs and the most fragile communities in Bali. Looking for food drop or monetary donations.

Donation Details:
+62811 396 945 || Jl. Daksina No. 3 Batu Belig

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