Turning Wine into Sanitizer - The Miracle of Bali

Category : Adventure | Posted On Apr 11, 2020

The Pharmacists on the Islands of Gods Bali are playing smart in tackling the shortage of anti-corona virus hand sanitizers by recreating their own unique tropical version of sanitizers from thousands of liters of fermented palm wine.

This brilliant idea is the brain child of Petrus Reinhard Golose, Bali police chief who says that he was worried that supplies of alcohol based disinfectant may become short in supply as the prices soar for the stock that was left in the market.

He managed to rustle up Arak for about 4k liters of the potent popular beverage by appealing to the local manufacturers to share and donate from their stock with the force also digging into its own fund to stock up the extra supplies.

Bali Udayana University's staff were then approached to turn the wine into a proper handwash/sanitizer that can help in protecting against the corona virus.

The results were produced within a week and they were able to produce a who standard alcohol based sanitizer with 96% alcohol.

Some clove and mint oil were added to the mixture to reduce hand irritation.

"So far we've produced 10,600 bottles of hand sanitizer using arak and Bali police have given them out to people in need," Dewa Ayu Swastini, head of the university's pharmaceutical faculty, told AFP on Wednesday.

Bali has reported 49 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and 2 deaths.


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