Wakatobi Wave 2017 Pesona Indonesia

Category : Adventure | Posted On Nov 14, 2017

Cultural carnival and colossal dance performance from four islands and four districts in Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi, opened the festive Wakatobi Wave Festival 2017.

Up to 1,000 dancers performed the colossal dance that highlighted the culture of Wakatobi Wangi – Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia and Binongko.

Kicked off on Nov. 11 at Pangulu Beloh, South Wangi – Wangi, the festival’s main theme is “Appreciating cultural diversity and cultivating the integrity of maritime sprit in order to enrich the national culture” and it runs for three days from Nov. 11 to 13.

This year marks the third anniversary of Wakatobi Wave Festival.

Throughout the event, the committee has prepared plenty of interesting activities such as physical endurance competition, underwater photography competition and others.

“A new addition to this year’s event is panjat pinang [climbing the slippery pole] competition in the ocean and a marine seminar. We work together with industry players in holding this event, especially with diving operators,” said Wakatobi Regent Arhawi.

Arhawi moreover said that Wakatobi is still lacking in terms of accessibility, especially air travel, accommodation and attraction such as culinary and handicraft.

“We understand the difficulty to travel by air [to Wakatobi]; some who have already signed up for the festival even decided to bow out because of this problem,” added Arhawi.

One of the Tourism Ministry’s 10 Priority Destinations, Wakatobi has four regencies like Tomia that has several cultural traditions. One is Safara traditional party held every Safar month in the Islamic calendar.

There’s also Bose-Bose tradition of releasing colorful boats filled with traditional food like liwo from Patipelong Dock to Usuku Dock.

Other traditions include Sajo Moane, a sacred dance performed by men, and Saride dance that symbolizes unity and togetherness.

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