Buying a property in Bali at the moment is definitely a good decision, as many people have realized over the past few years.

There is a great choice of real estate in a very small area and if you look at the Seminyak market today, property prices are getting close to European or Australian price levels. In fact in 2012 alone luxury property prices in the area have gone up more than anywhere else in the world.

You may wonder if this is due to speculation, or if there is a property bubble in Bali. Do you need to be scared to lose your investment in Bali in 2014?

We have a simple answer with a simple explanation :
  • You WON’T lose any money in Bali because whereas most Western countries have suffered through the financial crisis, properties get paid cash in Bali and the property market isn’t reliant on credit. This means that in case of a crisis, people won’t be in the rush to sell their property because they cannot meet their mortgage payments and banks won’t be repossessing properties.
  • While Monaco is still the world’s most expensive place for residential real estate, if the trends continues in Indonesia and Bali this could soon change. The region’s middle class is growing exponentially, so is the number of rich people. Indeed there are now more millionaires in Asia than anywhere else in the world!<
  • It is important to note also that villas prices in Bali are going up, but so is the quality of the buildings.
  • Many investors wonder if it is better to buy a freehold or a leasehold property in Bali?
  • We are of the opinion that it depends on the opportunity. For a first investment in Bali, we always suggest to foreign investors to start with buying a leasehold property with a good rental history. It is then easy to achieve 8% to 12% of return per year. You will also avoid surprises and you can buy under you own name.
Buying a property in Bali can be beneficial more many reasons :
  • you can expect good profits
  • you pay less tax
  • you have the opportunity to increase the value of your assets
  • last but not least, isn’t it great to own a property in the paradise that is Bali?
  • Greetings from Kibarer property

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