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Bali, one little island among thousands of Indonesian archipelago, quickly gain popularity as one of the best tropical island for holiday destination, both among the locals and worldwide tourists. That’s why you are going to find hundreds villas for sale in Bali as means of accommodation throughout the Island. Sits perfectly between the vast Indian Ocean and several straits, Bali is home to some of world’s most exceptional beaches. From black sand to pristine white sands beaches, or coral lagoon to limestone seasides, Bali has it all. To enjoy this beauty at its fullest, staying at beachfront villa Bali will always be a good idea.

Firstly known as surfers’ paradise, Bali reveals that it has a lot to explore. While the charm of its azure sea is undeniable, a lot of cultural experience that cannot be found in any other places are also magnetic. Bali is identical with majestic temples—some of the greatest are open for public—its distinctive dance performances (think about Kecak and Balinese dance), and its colossal religious ceremonies. While this gorgeous island is edged with all types of stunning beaches, the mainland itself is loaded with strikingly beautiful rice paddies, caves, waterfalls, forests, and many more. With a lot of sides to discover, each significantly offers different experiences. Bali keeps attracting millions tourists for all type of holiday/ adventure, from all size of budgets. Seriously, you can easily spend a month in Bali and barely touch half of its beauty.

Exploring every sides of Bali needs a lot of effort, and with abundant energy spent, comes a need for comfortable lodging. During a holiday under the sun, people are looking for generous experience they don’t get back home, for as long as their budget allows. That’s why Bali luxury villas is always on the hunt among tourists. Nothing beats the ultimate relaxed feeling coming from indulging with luxury during a tropical holiday.


Provided with thousands of luxurious stay, Bali shows great potential to become a market for lavish holiday in South East Asia. Topped with continuous flow of tourists from all level of economies and all around the world, villa owners can expect a decent rental income from this field of business. Taking one of these Bali villas for sale as your own is not only a smart investment, but also a piece of indulgent that you can enjoy anytime for the rest of your life.

As proven by time, property will always be number one destination for profitable investment. Owning a villa in world’s tourist destination? Surely an epitome investment. Since 1970 ‘till now, Bali proves it consistent growth both in economy and tourism industry. Combined with its striking natural beauty at every sides, Bali provides all necessary climate for property industry to thrives and generate continuous profit.

Following the steady growth of property prices in Bali, future of property investment at this island is bright and promising.


Buying a full furnished villas for sale in Bali is way more practical for busy investors. You got to run your own life while the properties are more than ready to refill our bank account, without troubles of supervising construction—if you built it from scratch—or spend another bulks of money hunting for furnitures.

Once you own a villa, it can serve you multiple purposes. Rent it, sell it, or just stay on it. Renting your villa means you need to provide extra management to keep your accommodation runs well, but it worth the effort. What is more, Kibarer set high standard of quality and luxury of villas enlisted on its page. Impressive view of the ocean, hills, or lush green often complements our villas, boosting them into a far more higher value than they already are. Do your marketing right, and you will get your Return of Investment (ROI) just in no time. Manage it well to make your villa as a productive moneymakers. During holiday season, when the market rent reach its peak,

Each villa and apartment enlisted in Kibarer are built in highest specification, with best materials to support long-term sustainability of the property itself. As the new owner, all you need to do is performing proper maintenance to keep your property shiny and comfortable. After all, no one wants to stay at dusty lodging, don’t they?

As the second option, maybe you want to purchase a villa for private use, especially when you are planning to permanently stay at Bali, or figuring out that you (or any of your family members) are going to have frequent visit to the island. Owning a villa of your own will save you from many hassle of booking hotels or browsing the perfect villa all across Bali, only to find that your dream villa has been booked by someone else. Having a property completely your own in the Island of God is almost equal with having your own slice of paradise.

Or maybe, you want to stay at your dreamy house until you want to sell it and working your way to get capital gain. Buying and selling the property can be another source of income that you probably want to consider.


Villa Bali SeminyakSeminyak villas, Villa for sale in Canggubali property for sale ubud, Villa for sale in Berawa, apartment for sale in kerobokan, villa for sale in ketewel, You might have ideal location in mind. Sometimes, you have quite an attachment with particular location. Sometimes, it was because the vibe feels right. For others, it could be due to easy access to facilities and attractions.

Maybe you want a beachfront villa Bali at Jimbaran, or a quiet stay between calming view of green paddies at Bali property for sale Ubud. For you who are always young and fun at heart, owning a luxurious Seminyak Villa or a fancy one at the middle of upbeat party in Kuta sounds just right. Some people, however, prefer to stay away from the crowds, but still want to have easy access to a less cramped, beautiful beach, then a villa for sale in Canggu or villa for sale in Berawa is for you. Sometimes, a splendid experience in seclusion is just what you need, and a villa for sale in Ketewel beach can be your second home.

If owning a villa sounds too much for you, then apartment can be a choice. Aside from easier management, an apartment is definitely less costlier than a villa. Contrast with villa, apartment tends to be closer to the city, just like apartment for sale in Kerobokan, which stands close to local civilization, but is still minutes away from popular beach area such as Seminyak, Canggu, and Kuta.

Wherever your preference and whatever your need is, Kibarer has the right kind of property for you. Our villa for sale spreads across all prime locations in Bali, with more than 1000 villa Bali listing. We are confident that our enlisted properties will gives you spectacular tropical landscape at its surrounding, access to warm air, sea coast, or even cool air at uphill Bali.

We have enlisted wide range of beautiful villas, with large garden and refreshing swimming pool, spacious open-space concept to present airy mood, and some of them even features ensuite overlooking the ocean or rice terrain. Nearly all the properties are build in modern designed, dressed in exotic Balinese decorative ornaments. They are large, affordable, and great for families and groups looking for a home away from reality. Each of the perfectly build properties reflect distinct signature experience and style which can be exploited for sale value.


Our services extend beyond selling top notch property. After a sufficient time of scrolling until a perfect villa finally stole your heart, it’s time to do the homework. This is where Kibarer go beyond the pages. We are happy to provide you with notary and lawyer assistance, who will ensure your ownership transition run as smooth as possible.

We know that property purchasing come the hassle of administering your property to be valid before the law. Here in Kibarer, we take your legal matter seriously, thats why we are weaving partnership with trusted public lawyers and notaries. Our partner will take care any legal aspect of your property in Bali, including document legalization, at cost-effective rates. Among the team area highly qualified and extensively experienced legal professionals, whom you can trust.


There are thousands of information villas for sale in Bali that you can find on our website. For your convenience, we always update the listing of all properties we have every day. Whatever your needs in buying a property, we provide various types of villas in Bali with wide range of prices. We provide the best property deals compared to other property agents throughout Bali and agents outside the island who sell properties here. Start your search here to purchase property like villa with the best location and strategic at an affordable price. We also offer villa for rent in Bali for those who are planning a holiday trip to the island of Bali. Our property listing are ready to present a diverse selection of villas which can be rented according to your needs during your Bali trip. Ranging from the budget villas to luxurious villas which are comfortable and pleasant. You can simply adjust the needs of the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, swimming pool, garden, in order to accommodate all your family members and friends. Find a villas for sale in Bali that suit your dream and budget right now at Kibarer Property Bali.

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