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Excellent two bedroom villa near Double...


USD 314,903
Excellent two bedroom villa near Double Six Beach
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    Lease Hold / 24 years
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Investing in Beachfront Villa Bali: A Way to Own A Square of Paradise

How does it feel to live in beachfront villa Bali every day? Of all home holiday in a tropical destination, beachfront villa still scores as a holy grail among holidaymakers. Such a place offers extravagant stay experience; a terrace just a shell’s throw away from the sand and the opportunity to wake up to an unobstructed expanse of the turquoise sea every single day. A peaceful home to forever basking in the sun. A blissful quarter where the soft sea breeze gently blows your hair as you open the door to the clear waters. The perfect place to be away from the din of the city and build your own blissful tropical sanctuary without really being disconnected from the convenience of modern civilization. Even better, setting on the seaside property allows you to live up both 9 - 5 business and go for a surf once the works are done.

It can be hard to believe that you can own a property in one of the edges of the world, living and merge perfectly with the dramatic coastal settings. But it’s not totally impossible. Here comes the chance to own a slice of paradise privately to yourself.


Ever since Bali has discovered, people all over the world have started dreaming of building a tropical luxury for their own. Beachfront villa Bali has transformed into the epitome of reality escape. Resort and hotels developers alike stalk every hidden shore and compete for a quarter of waterfront gardens. Beachfront property becomes the belle for more than a decade, valued for the picturesque view—no one can resist the sight of aquamarine colored ocean touching the blindingly white sand beaches. To sentimental attachment, owning one and living in one gives a feeling similar to staying on top of the world.

Buying beachfront villa Bali properties is naturally one of the greatest investment in prime tropical areas estate. Yet, on the other side the coin, most of those prime area has already been occupied. The ever growing interest pushed developers to hidden and undiscovered shores along the island, even when it means turning limestone cliffs into elevated, oceanfront properties. Empty beaches for developments are getting rarer, especially in bustling tourist hubs such as Canggu and Seminyak. But that doesn’t mean that your time is up. Many properties owner are putting their plots for sale, leasing, and rent. Many built their villa to the latest trend, some have even adhered to sustainable home designs which absolutely adds more value to the property.

This collection of lands, apartments, and villas in Kibarer is among the last available beachfront locations, commanding stunning views over Echo beach, Jimbaran, Lovina, Sanur, and the surrounding islands like Nusa Lembongan, Penida, or Ceningan. If you are wondering when is the best time to purchase a beachfront villa Bali, the chance is now. On many Bali’s most treasured coast and islands, property owners are ready to negotiate, and the deals are flying. The competition is tight; it’s time to start looking on your dream property before it goes to someone else.


Why did you take holiday? To escape from the boring trap of day to day life? To get a breath of fresh air from the overcrowded city? What if we tell you that you can have a tropical break right in your doorstep?

Owning a beachfront villa Bali is one thing that keeps being a dream for many people. So that when the chance comes to turn this dream into reality, many people start to jump into the bandwagon. Though investment benefit is obvious, having a permanent residence on the shoreline for personal purposes comes with a bunch of benefits—investment aside.

First thing is apparent; you have the luxury of living on a beach on a very regular basis. For most people in the world, beaches are still equal to a holiday vibe. And with the vast sky, borderless ocean, and sparkling shores, it’s hard to deny the statement. Owning a seaside residence practically allows you to go on holiday more often than if you don’t.

Having your own beachfront villa Bali ready at any moment frees your holiday from all preparation hassle. It’s a home-from-home environment with comfort and flexibilities. It’s a place where you are not restricted by mealtimes or breakfast choices or having to share facilities with other guests. You have all the luxury unavailable in a hotel stay; you are free to decorate your holiday home as you want, plant your own garden, stock clothes and towels (welcoming the style of light travel next time!), leave toys and household items, and revisit the property at any given time. You might even retire here and enjoy the peace of simple living on the shore one day.

The second benefit comes when it’s down to holiday monetary funds. When it’s used as a home holiday, the villa will save you from huge accommodation costs, particularly if you are staying with kids and large family in a long period of vacation. A staycation in your own Beachfront villa Bali means less time dealing with hotel bookings and more time relaxing, beach strolling and sipping a tropical cocktail from your balcony. More spaces on suitcases available for books and other necessary things as you most likely have stocked extra clothes, towels, and dry foods in your holiday home. It also guarantees you a place you love for every holiday, without ever competing with guests from all around the world.

In the long run, you will quickly realize how much a holiday home could payback for what you have paid for it. If you at least took two regular vacations on a year, your holiday home will pay itself just in a few years. With extra holidays and a number of ‘golden weekends’ throughout the year, families can easily spend a dozen thousands of dollars within a decade, just for having proper holiday accommodation. With a home holiday in your hand, you can save the cost of accommodation and reallocate the fund into another channel—plus, you can go have your holiday anytime you wish without having to worry about the cost.

Calmness and stress reliever is what you’ll get as the benefit number three. Having a coastal home in pristine and growing island like Bali is really sought after by business persons, and it’s easy to see why. Doing the business in the Island of God demands lots of works and attention, and having a coastal residence is a good way to keep the balance of life. A relaxing scenery surrounding your villa offers great opportunity to de-stress and relieve the daily burden of work once you got home. Secluded beachfront villa, for example, gives away a lot of tranquil vibes to unwind and get a total rest. And when you want to enjoy an entertaining beach life, the coastal villas in growing beach town are ready to let you escape to lively nightclub, barbecue grills, and other rollicking fun on Friday night just a few blocks from your home. Owning a beachfront villa keeps you mentally healthy.


Now you have all the fun things in the table, it’s time to talk about the investment benefits. Owning a beachfront villa Bali in the island’s most popular areas not only guarantees you a holiday spot all year-round. It can be your second source of revenue. A chance to combine owning a dream holiday with higher rental yield set motivation for many. If you are those persons who only use their holiday home when the vacay time comes, you can always rent it out whenever it’s not being used. The renting revenue can cover the property’s maintenance costs besides giving a steady flux of income.

Compared to volatile stock markets or low-interest rate, property investment provides a relatively low-risk investment than others. In fact, according to Seven Stones Indonesia, property prices in Bali’s leading tourism development areas, such as Seminyak, has surged more than 10 times in a very short time. A report from Global Property Guide giving off pretty extreme examples; a four-bedroom villa in Berawa built six years ago for US$ 600,000 – 700,000 is now valued for US$ 1 million (per 2018). The Bloomberg reported that property prices in Bali increased by 15% from last year, and this trend will continue to go up.

And what is better property investment than the one this sun-kissed island that constantly draw a large stream of worldwide tourists every year? Just by last year, 5.7 million tourists come to enjoy the Island of God, exceeding the government targets of 5.21 million, according to the official Bali government release. With this surge of tourism, investing in bali real estate beachfront sounds very promising. Your holiday rental markets can achieve a strong return in no time. Schofields UK shows that within an average of 30 weeks occupancy, a home holiday rental owner can get a very healthy return on investment (ROI).

Investment wise, you can either put your property for holiday rental or yearly rental—where tenants take a yearly contract to live in your villa. Some property investor put their focus on the latter option as it demands less monthly maintenance costs—it’s on the tenants—and is paid upfront on yearly basis. This means no month goes wasted. Plus, there are more than 30,000 expats living on the island, as per Global Property Guide 2018 report, and they are looking for a nice property to call home during their period of stay. With such a large expat population, you get a growing demand for good yearly rentals.


One should not forget, however, that with the rise of property investment, Bali is a little bit saturated with a home holiday—either for personal use or rental business. New players in this filed might need to play a different strategy. A magnificent view should be put into consideration as it gives significant value. It’s the old rules; properties with a view usually sold in higher prices than those without. In this case, choosing a Bali property for sale beachfront might be the best option. For many, the sight and sounds of the ocean are what makes a holiday feels like a holiday, and it will always be on the priority list of holidaymakers who can afford it.

Central tourist hotspot such as Seminyak, Kuta, and Legian might have a vacant villa for sale or lease ready for every investor, but it might lack space for development. Do not be discouraged, though, as Bali hides extraordinary spots along its hidden coastline. In recent years, developers start to explore Bali’s beautiful west coast—Jimbaran, Uluwatu, and the surroundings—where various types of beachfront villa Bali are built in the tip of high limestone cliffs, facing spectacular panoramas with world class surf breaks.

There is also a movement to the north of uptown Seminyak, where Canggu and Berawa now slowly rise into the next ‘it’ spot. Fantastic sunset and thrilling surf is the main magnet for visitors, and property investors are responding to the demand. For some, however, the sands and the waves are not everything. Though beachfront and surf-breaks commonly sit on the top of traveler checklist, many prefer rugged mountains, undulating green hills, and a vast carpet of rice fields for a place to rest their mind. For those who are looking for a reconnection with nature and heartwarming interaction with Balinese local communities, a home holiday tucked in the middle of lush tropical jungle present as a perfect answer. The good news is, land prices in these areas are not as high as in the southern Bali, and with the upcoming development of the northern airport, the sprinkle of tourist will soon turn into a steady river.

Bali keeps growing to be top holiday destination list in the world. If you are finally secure, you should consider having one of the best beachfront villa Bali into your assets. While these are the sweet spot of property investment, it’s actually nice to have a valued home holiday in somewhere magically beautiful for a very personal use.

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