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A successful Bali-based jewelry brand has
just planted its millionth bamboo seedling in Indonesia as a part of an
environmentally-minded corporate social responsibility program.

Launching in Bali back in 1975, John
Hardy has become a prestigious name in the jewelry biz with designs
regularly worn on A-list celebrities like Emma Watson, Cara Delevigne (who even posed topless for the brand), and Zendaya.

Pledging to plant at least one bamboo seed for every $200 purchased in its Bamboo Collection, John Hardy reached its millionth seedling on Friday, August 4. 

So, the more expensive the piece from the Bamboo Collection, the more seedlings planted, writes Roberta Naas for Forbes, citing
a few examples: a twisted brush silver hoop earring that goes for $395
would result in two bamboo seedlings being planted, while a a gold and
sterling silver cuff bracelet worth $2,650 would plant 13 seedlings, and
a gold and diamond bracelet retailing for $6,300 would see 33 seedlings

The brand’s CEO, Robert Hanson planted
the millionth seedling on the grounds of the John Hardy workshop and
design studio, which is located just out of Bali’s cultural heart, Ubud.

“In only 10 years, we are honored to have
planted enough bamboo seedlings to cover New York City’s Central Park
six times over,” says Hanson.

In the “Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo”
initiative, which took root ten years ago, each piece is engraved with
the number of the seedlings planted so far—meaning purchases made since
August 4 have seven figures engraved.

Seedlings are usually given to local
families for planting in the initiative, helping purify air and water,
while cultivation training is also offered to locals.

And it turns out that planting bamboo
seedlings isn’t the only way that the Bamboo Collection is sustainable:
all the pieces in the collection are made from 100 percent certified
reclaimed gold and silver as well as gemstones sourced under best
practices, according to the brand’s

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