5 tips to make a great traveling photographer

Category : Adventure | Posted On Apr 11, 2016

In a capturing every moment generation like today everybody loves taking photographs and people like to take it to a whole new level specially when they are traveling to an exotic vacation place like Bali. So if you are the person who spends most of their time capturing the scenery, people and moments when they are on a trip. Here are 5 tips that will help you take the best shots of the moments which will last a life time:-  

Socialize With Locals:-

  It may seem like an odd suggestion but trust me it is the most important and basic step to take the photographs to a next level. Socializing, befriending a local will help in taking the best pictures of the place. As they know the places better than any one else, will show you the areas, things, that you wouldn't normally read on the internet or in your general research and on top of of all they themselves will make a great photo subject.  

Perfect Timing While Keeping Patience:-

  Being a photographer if you have the basic understanding and knowledge you must know that the very first factor that your picture depends on is to get the perfect lighting. So you have to be patient and understand how the sunlight in different areas work, while some hours will not let you take the perfect shot other hours would act as golden duck hours for you where every picture will be a golden egg.   Keep your patience with the places, people and the area. As most tourists destinations may require you to take a walk around, observe, understand and wait for the people to clear up so you can take the perfect angle shot.    

Pack Complete & Spare Gear:-

  Before leaving for a trip make sure that your gear is complete, lens, memory card and batteries are there and pack some extra as well as you may not get the time to buy extra or won't find them where you are going. Take a tripod along for the timed, night or self shots so you can be in your own photos as well using the remote control.    

Cloud & Online Storage:-

  As you will be traveling to unknown locations where your mind will be occupied with new things, people and different culture there are high chances that your gear might get lost. So always use the option of cloud storage so you won't have to worry about losing those moments as well.

Your Own Travel/Photo Blog:

  It's always good to start your own travel blog where you can share your lovely and rejuvenating experiences with people while you are on trip or when you come back. So you can share what you saw, how you felt and make your own portfolio. It will help in spreading the word for the other people as well.  

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