A Proof of Bali Villas Investment Still Sexy

Category : Adventure | Posted On Dec 05, 2017

Many issues developing that local public appeal is still low considering the condition of the property sales throughout 2016 looks very sluggish but better than 2015. Surprisingly, it does not apply and affect the development of property in Bali.

Based on the survey, Bali has been developing positive property trend for the last 10 years, either Bali villas investment, land, hotel or housing. Bali conducive security conditions could arguably be one of the important factors increasing the interest of investors.

The development of tourism and economy boosted the prospects for property business in Bali. Based on information from the Investment Coordinating Board that investors who have invested 10 years ago in the form of resorts, hotels or Bali villas can enjoy the benefits of the development of the tourism.

The arrival of Hungarian tourists is increasing nowadays, and Bali has honorary Hungarian consul which is taking care of investment, trade in cultural education and tourism. This opens up future opportunities, and it’s possible if Bali will work with Hungary, to promote Bali as a tourist destination or invite investors.

This proves that Bali is still a popular destination and a field for investors amidst the unresolved eruption of Mount Agung. The prospect of a strong property market in Bali supported by good economic growth provides opportunities for investors to improve services.

Until 2019 Bali targets the number of foreign tourists to reach 20 million people per year while for local tourists 275 million. This will be very profitable for investors who have invested in hotels, resorts and Bali Villas. This is proof that Bali villas investment still sexy and attracts investors to glance at it.

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