a sub district in denpasar bali reported zero corona virus cases

Category : Adventure | Posted On Jan 11, 2022

One of the sub-districts of Denpasar is designated as a green zone because it has not recorded any cases of Covid-19.

Dewa Gede Rai, spokesperson for the Task Force on Accelerating the Management of Denpasar Covid-19, confirmed that the eastern district of Denpasar has been designated a green zone after recording zero cases of Covid-19 in in recent weeks.

“Officers ensured that all villages in the eastern district of Denpasar were free from transmission of Covid-19,” Gede Rai said on Sunday (9/1).

Authorities have also recorded several cases of Covid-19 in three other sub-districts of Denpasar: West, North and South of Denpasar.

“On Sunday (9/1), south and west of Denpasar, there were two active cases each, while northern Denpasar had three active cases. According to the central government, the entire city of Denpasar is still being considered. as a yellow zone for the transmission of Covid-19 ", added Gede Rai.

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