bali authorities urge tourists to respect local culture

Category : Adventure | Posted On Jun 14, 2024

As the high season in Bali gets underway, Acting Governor Sang Made Mahendra Jaya has urged tourists to respect the local culture and customs.

“As hosts, we are open to foreigners coming," Jaya said. "But we also hope that tourists who come to Bali can respect the customs and culture there.”

His remarks follow an increase in reports of foreign tourists misbehaving on the island. Over the past weekend, authorities received numerous complaints about tourists violating the law, disturbing the peace, and showing disrespect for local traditions.

Several incidents were highlighted, including a tourist engaging in a physical altercation with a tour guide in Nusa Penida, a South African national causing disturbances in Canggu's Batu Bolong area, and a British tourist hijacking a vehicle and driving to Bali Airport. Additionally, Bali Police and Immigration coordinated the arrest and pending deportation of a Spanish national and a Colombian national who failed to pay their bills at local tourism establishments.

Ngurah Rai Suhendra, Head of the Bali Immigration Office, confirmed the impending deportation of the two individuals, a 37-year-old Spanish man and a 24-year-old Colombian woman. They were arrested after failing to settle their food and accommodation bill at a hotel in the Ungasan area near Uluwatu, where they had stayed for 20 days. The couple claimed they had run out of money and were awaiting a transfer of funds from the family.

Acting Governor Jaya reiterated the need for tourists to respect Bali's customs and culture in response to these incidents. He emphasized the importance of continuing to communicate the list of do's and don'ts issued to tourists last year, suggesting that the Tourism Service, Tourism Satpol PP, and other relevant parties should consistently provide reminders. Jaya also clarified that the role of the Tourism Satpol PP is to assist tourists rather than act as law enforcement.

Tjok Bagus Pemayun, Head of the Bali Tourism Office, stressed zero tolerance for tourists who break the law or violate their visa conditions. He addressed a recent incident at the airport and stated that legal processes or immigration measures would be taken against violators.

In 2023, 340 foreigners were deported from Bali for various offenses, and in 2024, 142 foreigners have already been deported, with more awaiting deportation.

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