Bali Highlight Week 2 April 2018

Category : Adventure | Posted On Apr 16, 2018

Last week Bali along with the Indonesia enjoyed a long weekend. The long weekend was due to the holiday of Isra Mi’raj . It is not just any other holiday it is a big celebration of Muslims as they celebrate the miraculous night journey of Prophet Muhammad from Mekkah to Jurasalem back and forth in one night. We wish happy Isra Mi’raj to all muslims and hope they had a blessed day.

Along with the festivities of the long weekend, Ubud Food Festival kicked off with a perfect start on this weekend. Main favourite events were Culinary Innovations at Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve on Saturday, a Sourdough Pizza Masterclass at Dumbo Bali on Sunday, and of course, Lunch with the Queen of Indonesian Cuisine, Sisca Soewitomo.

Just a heads up to the ladies Artotel Beach Club has an exclusive offer of 50% discount on their breakfast from 8 Am - 11 Am throughout the April. Another cool offer is buy 1 get 1 free promotion at Skai Beach club at Sunset Jam Back to the 80's party. Do not miss out on it.

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