Bali Highlights Week 2 November 2017

Category : Adventure | Posted On Nov 13, 2017

Last week was happening as ever in Bali because thats just how Bali rolls. AdAsia 2017 kicked off their event with a bang. It is one of the biggest advertising conference in Asia. Big names like Kofi Annan and Guy Kawasaki represented the events as the speakers. The first ever Bali Sustainability Jam also hosted a great show. It is one of a kind event which focused on how to make the earth a better place.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Bali is all prepared to thank the tourist in the best way. For the food lovers who love a good meat, BoynCow is a definite visit for them. A great coffee shop just caught our eyes recently and we highly recommend you to visit Kon Sep Coffee shop in Canggu. Colony Creative Hub just opened at Plaza Renon and further good news is that Yoshinoya is now available in Bali. 

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