bali's updated test requirements for domestic travelers

Category : Adventure | Posted On Jan 10, 2021

The latest update in extended test requirements for visiting Bali for domestic travelers is mandating all to present their negative pcr or antigen rapid test result for January 9th onwards.

The extension was announced recently by Governor Wayan Koster for domestic travelers which includes air travel, by road or sea all must obtain negative test result within seven days of entering Bali. Air travelers are additionally required to electronically fill in the Health Alert Card (eHAC) and children below 12 years of age are not required to present any test results.

This new update is slightly different from the previous one imposed during year end holidays which now expired on 8th January. That update accepted only negative pcr swab negative results for air travelers visiting Bali while other modes of traveling required antigen rapid test results. 

From Saturday onwards, either types of tests will be accepted as long as they are negative and were obtained within the 1-week period. 

The new requirements are applicable from Jan. 9 until further notice.

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