cancellations observed from tourists after 8 day quarantine announced in bali

Category : Adventure | Posted On Oct 11, 2021

Officials from the Tourism Association confirmed that due to Indonesia's quarantine policy, a considerable number of international tourists had been hesitant to visit Bali.

I Nyoman Nuarta, the Head of the Bali Tour Guide Association, acknowledged that the majority of potential visitors from chosen countries such as Japan, China, and South Korea decided to postpone their trip to the island owing to the lengthy quarantine period upon their arrival. "Despite the fact that there were around 300,000 potential tourists from all over the world, most passengers decided to postpone their trip because to the 8-day quarantine policy." Nuarta stated on Wednesday, June 10th.

According to Nuarta, if the central government shortens the quarantine period for international visitors, Bali will see an increase in visitors. "I'm sure a lot of tourists who have been waiting for the border to reopen would be glad to start travelling to Bali again if the government shortened the quarantine time to a maximum of two days." Especially those who had visited the island on a frequent basis prior to the outbreak." Nuarta elaborated.

He also wants the government to pursue a policy that is in the best interests of the market. "With this restriction, travellers from China, Japan, and South Korea who typically spend less than a week on the island would be unable to enjoy their holiday on the island." As a result, I propose that the government revisit this regulation with severe entrance conditions such as Covid-19 testing negative and a vaccine certificate." Nuarta concluded.

Meanwhile, he assured the government that the bulk of Bali tourist workers are ready to welcome international visitors, with 90 percent having completed Covid-19 vaccines.

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