Domestic - International Routes Suspended By Garuda International

Category : Adventure | Posted On Apr 27, 2020

After the government made the announcement of suspending flights on Thursday which includes some domestic and international routes until 31st May. Garuda, the national flag carrier followed the announcement by suspending of some of its routes:-

Domestic Routes - Suspension till 31st May

  • Jakarta
  • Surabaya in East Java
  • Bandung in West Java
  • Makassar in South Sulawesi
  • Banjarmasin in South Kalimantan
  • Padang in West Sumatra
  • Pekanbaru in Riau
  • Tarakan in North Kalimantan

Domestic routes suspended until further notice:

  • Denpasar-Timika-Denpasar
  • Jayapura-Timika-Jayapura
  • Jayapura-Biak-Jayapura
  • Jayapura-Manokwari-Jayapura
  • Jayapura-Sorong-Jayapura
  • Nabire-Biak-Nabire
  • Nabire-Timika-Nabire

International routes suspended until April 30:

  • Manado-Davao-Manado
  • Jakarta-Guangzhou-Jakarta
  • Jakarta-Shanghai-Jakarta
  • Denpasar-Beijing-Denpasar
  • Denpasar-Guangzhou-Denpasar
  • Denpasar-Zhengzhou-Denpasar
  • Denpasar-Shanghai-Denpasar
  • Denpasar-Xi'an-Denpasar
  • Jakarta-Jeddah-Jakarta
  • Jakarta-Medina-Jakarta

International routes suspended until May 20:

  • Denpasar-Singapore-Denpasar
  • Surabaya-Singapore-Surabaya

Bali, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surakarta, Lombok and Medan were reported to be operational as of now even thought with little traffic and frequency.

Irfan Setiaputra, President Director of Garuda Indonesia gave out at a statement on Friday saying that the carrier will be working outside the main 8 regions that were strictly following and implementing the high scale social restrictions, 

namely Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Pekanbaru, Makassar, West Sumatra, Banjarmasin and Tarakan.

"We continue to offer air travel accessibility to the public, especially those who needed to return to their hometown," he said.

He advised passengers who already booked flights to PSBB areas to either reroute, reschedule or refund their tickets.

Twenty of the Indonesian regions have opted to implement large scale social distancing (PSBB) namely reater Jakarta; Pekanbaru; Makassar; West Java's Bandung city, Bandung regency, West Bandung regency, Cimahi city and Sumedang regency; Central Java's Tegal city; West Sumatra province; Banjarmasin city; Tarakan city; East Java's Surabaya city, Gresik regency and Sidoarjo regency; and Gowa regency in South Sulawesi. (kes)

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