EcoTourism: How Travelers can make a difference in Bali

Category : Adventure | Posted On Sep 02, 2019

We live in an era where the mother earth is struggling to survive. We humans are the main contributors to putting the world in a state of awe. Earth's 70% yes the oceans are being tortured by us with excessive fishing, unethical fishing practices even commercially and the endless ever growing plastic pollution. We have all seen the effects on the climate change it is causing on the seas and oceans all around the world.

It took a while to realize when the situation became proper crisis, now many initiatives are being taken on priority to address and treat our deteriorating oceans. Most of these initiatives focus on promoting ecotourism and welcome any and all those who want to volunteer. Even the travelers can participate in a variety of diverse programs that directly collaborate with these issues.

Indonesia is home to more than 17000 Islands in both Pacific and Indian ocean. To preserve the oceans and their beauty in Indonesia many initiatives and programs are working. 

Ceres aka The Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies, an Australian non profit organization based in Melbourne is organizing trips for Bali by returning in 2020 to continue their work. In this trip travelers can help in a lot of ways including helping the research teams in collecting water samples, learning the main causes & complexities of finding solutions to help politically and communically for the global challenges being faced by the oceans.

North Bali Reef Conservation, this NGO has setup a target, an aim to give back the oceans the form of corals that has been taken away from them. They also work on sincere preventive measures and actions that can help. Volunteers at the NGO play an important role in not just planning but helping in constructing the artificial reef structures on the land. They are very active with their work and have already installed over 3000 artificial reef structures around Bali.

These reefs are playing an important part in providing and being home to corals and small fishes which also draws and attracts the big marine species. These reefs have been placed in the areas where the natural reefs have been destroyed.  This NGO runs other programs including weekly cleaning on Tianyar beach. Young people and local school students are always encouraged by them to get involved as they aim to teach the future generation the value & importance of protecting the environment and damages that are caused by the plastic pollution.

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