famous cultural festivals in bali

Category : Adventure | Posted On Apr 11, 2016

Bali has always been famous for it’s culture more than it is famous for it’s beaches, villas or parties. Balinese people have always attracted tourists because of their hospitality and humble nature. So if you are planning to visit Bali to explore more about their culture, you definitely need to plan your visit during these cultural events to get the real feel of Bali and it’s habitants.

The Melasti Festival

Melasati This is one of the most interesting festivals as it involves purification which i personally believe is mandatory for almost everyone in this impure world. During this festival the people of bali decorate their temples beautifully and there are like a lot of offerings to their Gods. I mean literally you will see them slaughtering pigs as offerings. And then they form in a parade where children are dressed in their traditional hindu dresses and walk towards the sea to wash their sacred statues.    


Nyepi Nyepi is a very fascinating cultural and religious event of Balinese People. It is known as the “Day of Silence”, it is a hindu celebration which starts at 6 Am till 6 Am next day followed by the celebration of new year of Balinese Calendar. This is a day of silence, fasting, meditation including main restrictions like no lighting of fire, lights must be kept low, no working, no pleasure, no entertainment of any sort, no traveling and in some cases no talking or eating at all. It is known as the day of self reflection.


Gulangan Galungan is a Balinese cultural event where they celebrate the victory of Hindu God Dharma over Adharma. The common belief of this religious event is that all the cremated souls of the deceased families return to visit their former homes so the current habitants have a responsibility of hosting them through prayers and offerings. Bamboo poles are seen with offerings like Bananas, Jaja, slaughtered meat of pigs, turtles and others. This is a long cultural event which goes up to 15 days. It is so beautiful to see such religious environment represented in such harmony.

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