high participation from expats in charity swimming competition on bali beach

Category : Adventure | Posted On Oct 11, 2021

On Sunday (3/10), hundreds of foreign nationals competed in a swimming competition on Kuta Beach.

The competition, hosted by the non-profit Bali Sports Foundation (BSF), was staged to collect funds for the island's disadvantaged children. According to the Director of BSF, Rodney James Holt, this charitable organization has been hosting such events in Bali for the last 12 years as a form of support to the local population, particularly those who suffer from physical or mental disability.

Aside from helping our community, this event was created to boost Bali's tourism, which has been halted since the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020. "This is our 12th Bali Ocean Swim, which we have been conducting in Bali for the past 12 years to fund and encourage sporting development for disadvantaged persons while also revitalizing Bali tourism." On Sunday, Holt stated. On Kuta Beach, both foreigners and locals, including children, were spotted competing in this open water swimming competition.

Holt explained that all profits will be used to support 17 different spotting activities in Bali for children with disabilities such as Down syndrome and autism, as well as deaf and blind children. Despite the large waves that made the competition more difficult, 143 people registered for the event. "We used to have more participants, but they are still unable to participate since the border has not been reopened." Holt concluded.

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