In the Times of Crisis - Lee Man Fong's Bali's Life Art invites Reflection

Category : Adventure | Posted On Apr 07, 2020

As the world witnesses the never ending escalation of human greed, conflict, corruption, neglect, global disasters and nuclear war. Art becomes increasingly relevant and vital as we head to the time where the apocalypse seems to be knocking at our doorstep.

Art is one of the things which we human take refuge to find inspiration, refreshing ourselves and calm our anxieties. Every day it becomes necessary and relevant more than ever.

Each time we engage ourselves in art, we look at things through an inward focus, letting our senses, body and mind to connect through it. The creativity and human endeavor within the work – its life force – contains an essence that charges our body, mind and soul, and we become nourished and revitalized. While absorbed within art, the outside world and its demands temporarily fade and are shelved.

Lee Man Fong, A Indonesian-Chinese artists work Bali Life is a timeless serene snapshot of a precise traditional culture. It resonates a harmony and peace that inherent the society of Bali which directly flow and touches our heart and souls. This painting focuses the aspects of the Balinese culture that are indeed most worth of reflection and more important than ever now.

This beautiful painting shows the close undeniable relationship of humanity with nature and the divine through sustainability and cooperation. The faint and the Balinese shrine, a powerful atmosphere rendering at the top left background linking the visibility of elements of the painting with omnipotent, unseen Bali realms, depicting with a suggestion that there is another vital force alive in this world.

This alluring composition of Man Fong in the beautiful delicate tones take your imagination to be a part of this soothingly calm scenario offering a retreat from  our current collective malaise. In doing so it prompts us to reflect upon our lifestyle choices and the shortsighted guiding principles of modern culture.

As the world goes through one of the toughest nightmare in the modern times. Some would argue that this is probably the mother nature re calibrating the world. A reminder from Mother nature that we need to take a pause to do an in-depth assessment of our actions and a time to question our life choices as a society and as an individual. This way we might rediscover that how disconnected human life has become from the traditional values, wisdom and out of sync from the rhythm of the nature to robust,  co-creative systems that have enabled our sustainability.

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