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Although the majority of the population of Bali is Hindu, but Muslims there also have a tradition of Eid. Ahead of Eid al-Fitr, Muslims in Bali do Ngejot tradition, or food-sharing to neighbors.

Ngejot Tradition in Bali is always done by Balinese Muslims every Idul Fitri. tradition is more or less similar to "Galungan or Kuningan Day" for Hindus.

In Bali, the Ngejot tradition is performed by Muslims in Kepaon Islamic Village, South Denpasar or at Pegayaman Muslik in Buleleng Regency. If Hindu people ngejot food in the form of urab, lawar, pork, the Muslims ngejot typical food Lebaran, like chicken opor.

Not only Ngejot, during Ramadan there is still an interesting tradition that is Megibung. This is breaking the fast by eating together in one tray. Megibung is also a tradition of hereditary Kampong Islam Kepaon citizens on the day 10, 20 and 30 days of fasting.

Megibung activity in Kampung Islam Kepaon begins before the bedug sign of breaking the fast rings. One by one people came to Al Muhajirin Mosque. They gathered on the terrace of the mosque while waiting for the breaking of the fast. When the time came, the compote and various snacks were distributed.

After eating kolak, residents were preparing to attend the salat maghrib. After prayer, then people eat together with Megibung way. All mingle, there are Malay, Bugis, Palembang, as well as from Bali itself. They were in groups of 4-5 people, then distributed food in trays and continued to eat together

Not only local residents, residents from outside also participated in the togetherness. Traveler can also try to join Megibung in the mosques of Bali. While on Idul Fitri Day later, the traveler can also come to receive Ngejot from local residents.

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