preparation of vaccinating 29 thousand students in tabanan bali

Category : Adventure | Posted On Nov 20, 2021

Officials from the Tabanan Education Office have plans to vaccinate all primary school students in the Tabanan area of ​​Bali.

The head of the Tabanan Education Bureau, I Gusti Ngurah Darma Utama, confirmed that the school is currently registering primary students in the Tabanan region, before the school starts distributing vaccines in the near future. .

“We plan to distribute the Covid-19 vaccine to a total of 29,929 students aged 6 to 11, in 297 schools in the Tabanan region. Main said on Thursday (11/18).

Utama explained that his party would communicate the schedule to doctors at the Tabanan health service regarding potential vaccine side effects that could occur in children.

"We have submitted the data for elementary school students that we have collected to the Bureau of Health, so we will be ready when the government asks us to start an immunization program." Principal added.

The head of the Tabanan Health Bureau, Dr Nyoman Susila, confirmed that he had communicated with the Education Bureau regarding the proper procedure for the distribution of vaccines.

“We have received the names of the children who will receive the vaccine, but our medical staff are still focused on distributing the vaccine to adults for now. said Dr Susila.

Dr Susila also claims the Covid-19 vaccine is safe for children as the majority are healthy, free from any pre-existing disease or condition.

"We are still awaiting further technical instructions from the Ministry of Health regarding this program, and although our target remains adults who have not received the Covid-19 vaccine." concluded Dr Susila.

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