yet to see arrivals for holiday season bali government limits international visitors

Category : Adventure | Posted On Nov 20, 2021

The Bali provincial government plans to limit the number of foreign tourists during the upcoming holiday season, but has yet to see a significant number of foreign tourists.

The head of the Bali Tourism Office, Tjok Bagus Pemayun, confirmed that the provincial government plans to limit the number of international visitors as a precautionary measure to prevent the third wave of Covid-19 transmission in Bali.

"We will only allow a total of 1,500 international visitors during the holidays in December to prevent transmission of Covid-19 in Bali." said Pemayun, Tuesday (16/11).

In addition, the authorities will impose restrictions on 94 tourist attractions in 9 different areas of the island to reduce the risk of transmission. “We will enforce restrictions and ensure implementation of prevention protocols by periodically checking the company's Clean Health Safety Environment (CHSE) certification and use of the company's PeduliLindung tracking app.” player added.

Pemayun also proposed that the central government revise travel requirements for international travelers and reopen borders to visitors from other countries.

“We urge the central government to reduce the quarantine time to only 1 day and reopen our borders to 5 other countries such as our main tourist markets namely the United States, Australia, Russia, UK and parking assistance. The player concludes.

The Bali Sun surveyed dozens of potential visitors and confirmed that reducing the quarantine to one day may not make a difference. Jeremy Stanzick, who currently lives in New Zealand, said he still would not visit because of visa regulations.

"The Visa on Arrival program was postponed so it doesn't matter what they do in terms of entry requirements," Stanzick said. "The prose Bali visa is still very difficult so I chose Thailand for Christmas." Bali Sun has investigated the current entry requirements which are much stricter than other countries open to tourism. Here are the obstacles that tourists must overcome

Be from one of 16 countries which include:










New Zealand





Saudi Arabia

south core



Arab from United Arab Emirates

2. Find one of the very limited flights (if any) to Bali today.

3. Valid VISA: B211A for tourism which includes proof of at least 2000 USD per bank renewal. In addition, travelers must provide confirmation and receipt of payment from the accommodation where they stayed during the trip, including payment from quarantine hotels. Travelers will also need proof of the booked return flight.

Some visa officers can provide online services for between $500 and $1000 USD. Doing it yourself through the Indonesian Embassy will cost around $55.00. Whether they accept appointments in your home country or not is another story.

4. Negative PCR test done within 72 hours after departure

5. Quarantine in government-approved hotels

5 days partial vaccination

Complete vaccination 3 days

6. Download the Care Protect application which includes eHAC

7. Complete proof of vaccination (physical or digital) in English

8. Health insurance/travel insurance up to US$100,000

Tourists we spoke to told Bali Sun that they would not return to Bali until the visa on arrival program resumed.

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