Wayang Wong - History of the dance of Human Puppets

Category : uncategorized | Posted on Oct 06, 2019
The cultural traditions including music, dance, painting of Balinese community in Bali were once the holy acts of paying homage of the Gods, spirits and mother nature. Now with the passage of time they are considered as arts, locally known as Ngayah.Bali has a very rich history with a mixture of cultures into Balinese origin. The fall of Majapahit Empire in 1471 AD, the history saw a massive migration of that population in Bali. This migration brought a lot of cultures in Bali, one of that was a...

Local Cuisines in Kuta You Should Definitely Try

Category : What's going on in Bali | Posted on Oct 04, 2019
If you are visiting Bali either the first time and you are a food enthusiast who love exploring the local cuisines, this article is just for you. Bali has a rich culture and food is also a main part of it so here are some of the local authentic cuisines we recommend that you definitely give a try.1. Nasi JinggoNasi Jenggo is made from steamed rice, noodles, spiacy sambal sauce, tempe, shredded chicken and shredded coconut covered beautifully in banana leaves. You can easily find this local cuisi...

Best Beaches In Bali According to Australian Media

Category : Tourist Destination | Posted on Oct 02, 2019
Australians are one of the most visiting tourists in Bali and since it is one of the top destinations in the world. People are always doing their research and looking for places to explore in this beautiful Island of Gods. Recently Detik.com one of the leading online media portal in Bali has quoted the best beaches in Bali according to Australian news site News.com.au.Kuta Beach, BadungKuta is indeed the most common and easily accessible beach in Bali. It is also considered as the great great gr...

Bali Events Week 1 October 2019

Category : uncategorized | Posted on Oct 01, 2019
So we are officially in the 10th month of 2019 just two more months to go and this year is gone. As we step towards the end of this year Bali is making sure the party and the farewell goes crazier. Kibarer Property has lined up the perfect events for the week just for you.HIP HOP SESSION WITH DJ DODGER AT THE BEAT CAFELATE NIGHT SESSIONS AT WOOBARSERGE AT RED RUBYDOM DOLLA AT MRS SIPPYNRL GRAND FINALE AT THE DECK

Bali Medan Amsterdam Route Launch by Garuda Indonesia

Category : What's going on in Bali | Posted on Sep 30, 2019
Garuda Indonesia, the national flag carrier is all set to launch its new international route Bali-Medan-Amsterdam on Tuesday. This move is going to change the journey of the passengers who have already bought their Jakarta-Amsterdam direct flight tickets. “For passengers who previously hold Jakarta-Amsterdam tickets, we will fly them to Kualanamu [International Airport in North Sumatra] from Jakarta and then continue the journey to Amsterdam and vice versa,” Garuda Indonesia commercial dire...

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