EcoTourism: How Travelers can make a difference in Bali

Category : What's going on in Bali | Posted on Sep 02, 2019
We live in an era where the mother earth is struggling to survive. We humans are the main contributors to putting the world in a state of awe. Earth's 70% yes the oceans are being tortured by us with excessive fishing, unethical fishing practices even commercially and the endless ever growing plastic pollution. We have all seen the effects on the climate change it is causing on the seas and oceans all around the world.It took a while to realize when the situation became proper crisis, now many i...

Bali events Week 4 August 2019

Category : What's going on in Bali | Posted on Aug 28, 2019
Last week of August is here, while first few months of this year seemed long we surely didn't know when we got into August. Bali is all set to bid farewell to August with a blast. Kibarer Property has short listed the best events for the weekend just for you.THREE BLUE DUCKS AT STAR FISH BLOO50th Anniversary at Made's Warung HOT DUB TIME MACHINE AT OMNIAMAXXI SOUNDSYTEM AT KARMASNEAKY SATURDAYS AT MRS SIPPYSUNDAZE AT MANARAI BEACH HOUSESTEPHEN DAY AT WOOBAR

Czech Couple Slammed For Disrespecting a Temple Participate in a Cleansing Ritual

Category : What's going on in Bali | Posted on Aug 26, 2019
The Czech couple who was recently slammed online of disrespecting a Balinese temple recently, took part in a cleansing ritual of purification ceremony. Their antics sparked serious warnings that tourists may be kicked out of the Indonesian Island.Zdenek Slouka and his girl friend Sabina Dolezalova faced some major lash back and serious criticism after posting an online video showing Sabina hiking up her skirt and splashing her backside with holy water inside a Balinese temple. This was a latest...

President Jokowi wears Balinese Attire on Independence Day to celebrate Diversity

Category : What's going on in Bali | Posted on Aug 20, 2019
President Jokowi Widodo set a new chapter in Indonesian history and diversity by commemorating country's 74th Independence day in Balinese traditional clothing on Saturday. President was seen in the unique dominant black dress from Klungkung Bali with a headdress wrap and batik sarong making his way to a flag raising ceremony in the front lawn of Merdeka Palace in Central Jakarta.His Son Gibran Rakabuming was also wearing a white Balinese attire and grandson wearing a yellow Balinese dress. The...

Bali Events Week 2 August 2019

Category : What's going on in Bali | Posted on Aug 07, 2019
Second week of August and the parties are getting crazier. People are all excited about the independence week. Environment in Bali is really energetic and so can be seen from the events. Kibarer Property has short listed the perfect week end delights for you.DJANE DA QUEEN AT SKY GARDENTIGERLILY AT OMNIASNEAKY SATURDAYS AT MRS SIPPYINTO THE WILD AT LA PLANCAJAVA JIVE AT THE MODUSHOOKAH FEST AT ALTERNATIVE BEACH CLUBANIMAL FEELINGS AT WOO BAR

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