Ubud Villas – The Den of Expats in Bali

Canggu Villas are the best located villas in the Island of Gods, the location of Canggu town is perfect for everything. But let’s clear one thing Canggu villas itself is not some colony or a society its just a reference to the residential villas in Canggu Area.

Canggu is a beautiful coastal village located just 10 kilometers away from Kuta, the tourist hot spot. It spreads around a 10km beach area of Southern Coast of Bali. Canggu once a proper village is now a fully developed urban area which still provide you the proper Balinese Element. While Canggu offers the best living standards it still offers you a touch of greenery and serenity which you won’t find in other highly developed areas of Bali or the quiet developments like Villa Ubud Bali.

Canggu Villas are built more towards on a concept of permanent living meets tourism hot spot. Berawa, Batu Bolong, Echo beach are the area that highlights the idealized living standards one may look for. Canggu is not only famous among the tourists or expats looking to settle but it is also famous among the surfers. It has one of the few hotspot long-board surfer friendly spots which keeps attracting the surfers in high tide and low tide seasons.

In the past decade when tourism in Bali started flourishing. Bali Villas development caught the eye of the investors and Bali Villas Seminyak became the prime target; Smart investors realized the potential of building and developing Canggu Bali Villas. Canggu still has that natural element offering the beautiful rice paddies, lush greenery and beach all at the same time which Seminyak Villas fail to combine. Hence the slow and steady development of Canggu villas began.

As the tourism took of and “where is Bali” became on of the most googled question it wasn’t long for Canggu to be discovered by the tourists, investors and developers. It wasn’t long that a coastal village just 10km away from Kuta became one of the development hotspots of the Island. Canggu villas became the heaven and preference for those who want beauty, quiet and action all at the same time. Villas in Seminyak can be hectic and overcrowded while Ubud villas can be too far away from the central atractions, Cangu villas served the right balance for owning a private villa Bali.

Smart investors not only invested in building Canggu villas, the development of restaurants, clubs, bars and cafes started alongside. It wasn’t long that Bali family villas were being preferred to be bought or built in Canggu area. Bali Property and Bali real estate developers realized the same and shifted their focus to Canggu villas alongside Seminyak.

What makes Canggu villas special is the variety of the beaches that are available to you in a short circular distance. Let’s give you a tour of beaches that you can access while living in a Bali family villa in canggu.

Batu Bolong Beach The Hotspot in Canggu Villas

Batu Bolong beach is definitely the most famous beach in Canggu area. You will find a perfect mix of tourists, expats and locals hanging around the beach and enjoying a good time. Most people who are looking to get one of the Canggu villas prefer to buy villa Bali near Batu Bolong Beach. You will see plenty of famous restaurants, clubs, cafes and hotels around the beach all filled with perfect socializing culture. You will also see rental loungers, Umbrellas and beer vendors.

If you have a knack for surfers you can easily find surfboards available for rentals at a very reasonable price.

Berawa Beach Aka Greyish Berawa Beach

Berawa beach is another top beach that accessible easily from the central area of Canggu. Canggu villas development in this area is remarkable, you will find all sort of traditional, simple, modern and luxurious beachfront villa Bali in this area. The grey volcanic sand creates an ambiance of its own while it slowly steeps in to the cool foaming sea water. It overlooks the beautiful sight of Finn’s Beach Club with the beautiful vast estate of Fashionista Paul Ropp in the back

Prancak Beach

Prancak is small yet beautiful beach located in a corner of Canggu. This area is preferred by the people who like to have their Canggu villas in a quieter part of the town. You will find a few drink vendors alongside the large parking and some major amnesties at this beach. A beautiful large temple known as Pura Dalem Prancak is located beside. The beach is named on the temple. You can enjoy a beautiful serene 1 km walk to Berawa beach from here. It’s almost never crowded as there is not much development here and it is famous for its volley ball games.

Nelayan Beach

Nelayan beach is a famous fishing beach spot. You will see a beautiful collection of fishing boats and huts covering the stretch of sand at Nelayan Beach. It also fronts a beautiful development of Canggu villa known as Villa land. Depending on the water level here it offers a beautiful walk to Prancak beach and Batu Bolong.

Beaches are just one the few reasons of buying a Canggu Villas, there are still a lot more reasons to live in Canggu. Expats prefer a Villa in Ubud Bali however those are mostly those who prefer a quieter and farther settings. Canggu Villas is also a preference for Expats who prefer living permanently with their families including kids. Luxury Villa in Canggu Bali are one of the best villas in Bali, mostly owned by Indonesians but a big amount of those Cangu Bali Villas is owned by the foreigners as well.

What makes owning a Canggu Villas special is the ideal setting of everything at easy disposal. Canggu has the best recreational clubs in Bali as well. This makes it perfect for the families who want to live a normal routine life in Canggu Villas having access to a premium level of life.

Finns Recreational Club

Finn’s Recreational Club, previously known as The Canggu Club is one of the most premium entertainment club in Bali. Canggu Villas owner have this ideal settlement of around 4 Hectare among the beautiful rice fields of Canggu. This club features the western standard facilities that most retired or residential folks requires. They have a complete fully loaded fitness center offering a full-sized lap pool, huge sports ground, International level tennis center, a stunning body temple spa, Sports bar of course and various kinds of restaurants.

It doesn’t just focus on adult activities but there a lot of activities for kids as well. Splash water park is favorite among the kids where they can enjoy a good day. Bouncy Trampoline, oh well who doesn’t love it. Last but not least a ten-strike bowling alley.

Finns Recreational Club has something for every one and the best part is they offer day passes and membership ranging from weekly, monthly to yearly. What better reason than this to get yourself a perfect beachfront villa in Bali and that too one of the Canggu Villas.

International Schools

A high standard international level school is always a priority to be near by when you are planning to move somewhere with family. Canggu Villas owners have a benefit of having easy access to many International schools in Canggu and surrounding areas.

CCS Bali, Canggu Community School is an international standard school affiliated with University of Cambridge. Many expats bought their Canggu Villas of having an easy access to this school and due to the high standards of education they provide. Other than CCS, Green School in Sanur is easily accessible with a mere 20 minutes’ drive  from most part of Canggu. Green school is internationally recognized as well and well favored amongst the expats. Other than this there are many schools equipped with latest and finest standards of educations for toddlers and day care in the area. There are many skill-set based schools and institutes in the area as well.

Canggu Villas Food Scene

Canggu indeed provide the perfect living harmony for everyone looking for a perfect home. Who isn’t a food lover, every one loves a good food palate and Canggu has some exclusive fine dining restaurants to its and not just the restaurants there are world famous cafes and coffee shops here as well.

For us the Warung Dandelion takes the top spot for the family dining scene especially if you are one of the Canggu Villas owner. It should be your regular. They serve the best classic Indonesian dishes with a passion. The staff and the hostess are famous for their welcoming and attentive attitude. Most of all it’s the beautiful joglo style traditional building that catches your eyes from far away. As far kids are concerned they have a great kids menu and beautiful Dandelion Bunnies in their backyard for them to pet.

Hotel Tugu is indeed one of the most unique dining experience in Canggu. You have a variety of dining experiences to choose from ranging from authentic Indonesian Culture and theater with dining. There is a strangely unique and beautiful dining experience available there called “aphrodisiac in bed”. The name catches your attention immediately and yes it is as unique as it sounds. You are served dinner on a double bed on the beach with amazing view of the ocean, cool breeze and sunsets. The second most catchy dining experience on their menu is “Forbidden City” dinner. Your dinner is served by singing Eunuchs on antique silver plates within a reconstructed temple from 1706 Java.

Betelnut Café

Betelnut Café is another one of a kind café that proves that healthy dining doesn’t always have to boring. It opened recently but it definitely became the favorite of those living in Canggu villas or visiting Bali. Most menu is focused on Indonesian Organic dishes however you can find burgers and Mexican dishes as well. The perfect place to have a healthy breakfast.

Other Attractions: -

Having the most strategic location gives Canggu villas residents an edge over the others areas as most areas in Bali are at a enjoyable distance from here. The main road from Canggu gives an easier pass through over the crowded roads.

Tanah Lot temple in Tabanan is one of the most sacred temples in Bali. If you are living in the other tourist centered areas like Seminyak, Kuta, Legian, the minimum distance from there is 50 minutes. Where as from Canggu Tanah Lot temple is a mere 20 minute drive in ideal traffic and max a 30 minute drive.

Oberoi Street, Seminyak is hardly a 10 minute drive. You can easily drive to Seminyak from your Canggu Villas for a club party or to enjoy the dining at a famous restaurant. Shop till you drop and you won’t have to worry about going far away to a town like Ubud, cause your Canggu villa is just 15 minutes away.

Echo Beach: -

The reason we didn’t mention Echo Beach in the list of our beaches previously is because Echo beach is an entity of its own. It doesn’t need to be listed among the other beaches. Echo beach is one of the most sought-after beaches not just in Canggu but in whole Bali. Echo beach is surrounded by beautiful shiny boutique Canggu Villas with lush green rice paddies on the side. The perfect waves under just 6 feet, the consistency of break caters from beginner to pro surfers. However, the paddling out can be a little tricky and advanced for the beginners so they mostly observe the locals to how its done properly.

Echo beach’s original local name is Pantai Batu Mejan as it is named after the Hindu Temple on site. Other than sun bathing, surfing, taking a dip in the sea, you have a lot of other activities in echo beach area to indulge yourself in. The Echo beach road has some of the best Spas in Bali, along that you will find some of the best restaurants offering best breakfasts, lunches and dinner right on that very same road. We highly recommend that you give Nalu Bowls, Brack Durga Café and La Brisa a try.

Famous Spas in Bali: -

While most world knows Bali as the serene Island with a lot of beaches, mountains and crazy night life. It is the home to best spiritual healing spa in the world. Bali was actually famous for its spiritual healing factors including Spas and Yoga retreats.

Spring Canggu is the biggest name in Bali’s Spa-ing business. It is very famous and favorite among celebrities visiting Bali and yes, it is located in Batu Bolong, right in the heart of Canggu. It is owned by globally known Spring Spa group. They offer a variety of Spa treatments from giving a perfect sun kissed skin to relaxing your soul and not just the body. The crisp white minimalist interior setting relaxes you the moment you enter this beautiful settlement.

Goldust Beauty Lounge

While diamonds are women’s best friend, Gold is the woman’s preferred attire. Goldust beauty lounge’s Insta famous 24k Gold facial is a treat to every woman who wants to cover her beautiful skin complimented by gold. This is their signature anti age treatment makes you feel like a royal.

K by Karima

K by Karima is home to Canggu’s first and only Hammamm. It takes your primping regime levels to the next levels with best of the best beauty secrets direct from the Orient. Brought all the way from authentic Morocco, the smooth Argan oil, Ancestral Rituals, mineral rich Ghassoul and all natural Kohl’s treatment makes this spa and Hammamm the most unique in the Canggu town. K By Karima gives you the best deep, meaningful treatments that work from inside-out and added benefits of the modern technology that boost twenty first century treatments.

Body Temple Spa

It would be unfair to not to include Body Temple Spa at Finns Recreational Club in Canggu if you are listing the Spas in any part of Bali let alone Canggu. Body Temple Spa is actually based on the Balinese concept of one should treat their body like a temple.

Body Temple Spa at Finns Recreational Club in Canggu knows how to satisfy the need of their clients. They believe in the mantra of what your body needs today. Treatments varying from aromatherapy ritual to bring your chakras back in the alignment, or a soothing facial for that skin, relaxing deep tissue massage for the post yoga tension or just a simple mani-pedi from the world known Tony & Guy essentials. Body Temple Spa at Finns Recreational Club in Canggu is the mother of all.

Canggu Bali Community

Canggu town is in a perfect harmony with its community having a mixture of locals, expats and tourists. Tourists who prefer keeping a moderate touch of everything prefer to rent out a luxury villa Canggu Bali. Expats who look forward to spending their retirement or working in Bali but also do not want to live isolated. They prefer Canggu Bali villa rentals. The real estate market in Canggu is on a spike but still its very reasonable as compared to most central areas as compared to Sanur, Seminyak, Oberoi, Denpasar or Kuta.

If you just walk around in Canggu you will observe the beautiful dynamics of Villa constructions. From traditional tropical to modern or minimalist design to chic luxury mansions, it has something for everyone. The life here is steady, stable and full of options.

If you re looking to move to Bali and want to stay in a central area. Canggu is the best area to live with a family. Average rentals on yearly basis for a 2-3 bedroom with full furnished option starts from $23000 USD. You can also get a good deal as low as $10000 USD for a single- or two-bedroom villa.

Types of Rental Villas Available in Canggu

As mentioned earlier, Canggu is an ideal area not only for tourists but for expats and those looking to shift here permanently with family. Kibarer Property will share a list of villas that are normally available in different price range for rent.

Canggu Villas: The Most Ideal Place to Live in BaliBEAUTIFUL 3 BERROOMS VILLA AT BATU BOLONG

Price: USD 20,900 / Annum

This is a perfect family house available for annual rentals in the most central area of Canggu, Batu Bolong. Offering 3 beautiful bedrooms, a stunning swimming pool, modern kitchen, spacious dining area, spacious living area, internet facility, secured area and a garage to accommodate vehicles. These are the hot deals that do not last long on the market as this is the best price you can get for yearly rental for a fully furnished house in the central neighborhood of Canggu. Normally these villas are priced at $25000 USD on yearly rentals minimum.


Canggu Bali Villas

Priced at USD 49,000/Annum

Such ideally built houses providing chic luxuries are for the big families. Who like to move in permanently and want to live with full amnesties of life at their disposal.

This villa is a piece of art and provides complete luxury and comfort. The modern blend with tropical Balinese is the perfect architecture that compliments the Island.

This villa alone offers 5 spacious, cozy and comfortable bedrooms and it offers a big spacious living area, spacious dining area, modern kitchen which over looks the beautiful manicured tropical garden and the swimming pool. Ideal for big families who like to live with proper space and love to host parties and friends throughout the year.


Price: USD 21,725 / Annum

Pererenan is another central area of Canggu with easy access to all amnesties including international schools, hospitals and other routine life places. This is an ideal sized simpler example villa available to rent in Canggu area. This is ideal for those who like to keep things simple yet want convenient access to most areas. Simpler doesn’t mean cheap furnishing or decoration. This kind of villa offers every thing one looks for their long-term rental home. It is fully furnished, has 3 classy bedrooms and 5 separate bathrooms. A beautiful swimming, tropical garden, air conditioning, separate space for storage, gazebo for relaxation, spacious lounge, spacious dining area and modern kitchen. It also has a separate room for staff so if you want to have a live-in house help you don’t have to worry about their living arrangements.

Real Estate Available for Sale and Purchase in Canggu.

Just like rental properties there are always great listings available for villa, hotels and mansions for sale in Canggu area. Each and every property has its own specialty and feasibility suiting to one’s need. Just to give an idea of the pricing and types of villas available to buy in Canggu. We will list simple of the samples for you.

Traditional Modern Style Leasehold Villa For Sale in Canggu

luxury villa canggu bali

Price: 476,000  Type: leasehold for 24 years.

The average priced good size fully furnished real estate varies between USD $250,000 to $475000 USD. This villa for example has the most ideal setting. It is located in the heart of Pererenan just 3 minutes away from the beach. A perfect blend of modern meets traditional architecture. Fully furnished with high end quality furniture and interior. Good size parking for 2 cars. Spacious lounge, spacious dining area, 3 beautiful en-suite bedrooms. Modern surveillance equipment installed with cctv and flood flash lights. Perfect architecture hiding the installation of Air conditioning units.

Such villas are preferred by the families who wants to move in permanently and want to have every facility available to them in their perfect Bali retirement home. It is also suitable for those who want to invest in a good property that can generate good revenue returns. Since it is close to the beach it gives a central location which is preferred by tourists wanting to rent a villa in a quieter yet central setting.

Luxury Investment Property with Beautiful Rice Field Views

Price: 1.2 million USD     Type: Freehold Title.

While most people prefer a home with beautiful beachfront and ocean views. Which is normally expensive of all the available types. Some prefer a serene green setting with a traditional rice field view at the front. Also freehold title lets you own the property permanently so this title is expensive as compared to leasehold.

This is just the perfect type of property you will find in Babakan area which is just 2 minutes away from Batu Bolong/Raya Cangggu junction. Giving one of the most peaceful yet central location in Canggu area. It is located just 5 minutes away from the famous Batu Bolong beach. And not only the beach it is just 10 minutes away from Finns Recreational Club which was previously known as Canggu Club. Great main road access. Featuring the aspects of luxury you would love to have in a chic Island house. Big swimming pool, stunning manicured tropical garden, beautiful sunset views right from your porch. It is not only perfect for a perfect family home but it is ideal to be turned into a rental holiday investment as well which can generate good revenue returns.

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