Bali Events Week 4 November 2018

Category : What's going on in Bali | Posted on Nov 22, 2018
Even when its raining and cloudy in Bali, the party still goes on. Kibarer Property has lined up the perfect event during the rainy week of Bali for you.NEON JUNGLE AT LXXYESCAPE AT JENJARANIA LARASATI AT VI AI PIJ-TRICK AT SKY GARDENROLE MODEL DINNER AT FAIRMONT HOTELSOPHIE FRANCIS AT SKY GARDENA BOLLYWOOD EVENING AT 100 SUNSET BALLROOMSAVAGE AT SKY GARDEN

Mason Jungle Buggies Bali ATV Rides in Ubud

Category : Tourist Destination | Posted on Nov 21, 2018
Mason Jungle Buggies offers a fun day out riding heavy-duty ATVs through a specially designed, one-of-a-kind jungle course in the lush highlands north of Ubud proper. It's one of the main activities of Mason Adventures, formerly Bali Adventure Tours. The thrills of whizzing through the jungle on a dirt track is best enjoyed with pals for some friendly rally driving rivalry. You can choose from single-seater buggies to two-seater options, all featuring 4WD technology and powered by 570cc engines....

The Best Beaches For Surfing

Category : Tourist Destination | Posted on Sep 27, 2018
Surfers are spoilt for choice in Bali, with most of the beaches featuring long breaks coming from both directions, and a variety of beaches that make surfing in Bali an all year round activity. Some of the best surfing hotspots are found in the Bukit Peninsula where the world famous Uluwatu surf break resides. In this article we cover the best surf beaches for every experience level of surfing, in addition to the best times in Bali to go surfing.BEACHES FOR BEGINNER SURFERS:As a beginner the bes...

Le K club, Health, Luxury and Fun

Category : Investissement Villa Bali | Posted on Nov 21, 2018
On an island filled with contending beach clubs, the private estate and adjoining pool club Le K Club stands out with its unique setting within the lush Balinese greenery close to the Tegallalang rice fields. Located within an easy 15 minute reach of central Ubud, this 32 000 m2 of flourishing property is the very physical manifestation of the balanced ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ lifestyle many sought after. The concept of Le K Club was essentially inspired by the growing lifestyle trends of individu...

Bali’s Best Parks and Attractions

Category : Tourist Destination | Posted on Nov 19, 2018
As much as we love Bali for its rich culture and traditions, sometimes a visit to the zoo or an elephant park is what’s called for to keep your little ones entertained.  Fortunately, Bali is home to a variety of exciting attractions fit for a fun family day out, making it an easy task to entertain the kids, the family and even yourself. Here they are, 6 of Bali’s best parks and attractions for you to experience: GET TO KNOW THE WILDLIFEIn keeping with its leading role as a conserv...

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